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On-site laptop and PC repairs for customers in Whitehaven

PC Fixer is the organization to call if you’re in or around Whitehaven and require help with your PC, tablet, or laptop. We provide complete repair, installation, and maintenance services for Chromebooks, Macs, laptops, and desktop computers. Our skilled staff can get any outdated system up and running securely and effectively.

We’re one of the most experienced PC repair businesses in Whitehaven, with more than two decades of expertise. We service all of Whitehaven and the neighbouring villages and towns. Even if you’re in an isolated location, we’d be delighted to come to you.

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PC and Laptop Repair

We may tackle both the hardware (the PC or laptop’s components) and faulty, out-of-date, or invalid software. We’ve worked on most makes and models of computers, including older machines. We can also repair phones, iPads, iPods, netbooks, and other tech devices.

If necessary, we can replace defective parts, as well as fix problems such as:

Spyware Removal and Security

Unfortunately, any time you download or install anything from the internet, there’s a chance that unwanted spyware or other security issues may be installed on your system. These may not always cause major damage, but they can frequently slow down and make your computer operate less efficiently.

We can remove any spyware on your system, as well as install a suitable security package to prevent the issue from recurring. We will also be delighted to provide you with tips on how to enhance your computer’s security and ways to keep yourself and your family safe when you’re online.

Computer Health Check

A computer health check is especially recommended if you’re using an older machine. It’s quite possible that a computer health check is required, particularly if you have an older machine. PC Fixer can run a variety of tests and scans on your system to look for any problems, and we’ll provide a cure if anything is wrong.

Computer health checks keep your computer running smoothly and secure it from malware, spyware, and other bad infections that may enter through its defences.

Wi-Fi Setup and Maintenance

We can make sure that your home computers, laptops, tablets, and similar are linked to your wireless network regardless of who you use as your internet provider.

We can generally resolve any difficulties you’re having and get you back online if you’ve been able to link successfully in the past but are having problems now.

Hardware Maintenance and Repair

The machines, accessories such as cables, keyboards, and printers, as well as other peripherals, can all experience malfunctions.

We offer a comprehensive hardware repair and servicing solution, ensuring that the physical components of your home IT system are in good working order.

Software Support

We can assist you with software installation, uninstallation, and troubleshooting. Whether you’re having trouble installing software, have it installed but can’t get it to work, or don’t want a certain program on your computer anymore, we can resolve the problem for you.

We can tackle a wide range of software difficulties, from basic to complicated. If you’re having trouble with your software, give us a call and we’ll be glad to come out and help you resolve any issues you’re having.

No matter what the problem might be, you can rely on the PC Fixer team to sort it out. Call the Whitehaven team on 01946 415201 for a FREE quote and to book your appointment.

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