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Protecting your computer from viruses and spyware in Penrith

By installing the latest anti-virus and spyware software, we can help you protect the data on your laptops or PC from harmful viruses.

We all have to be so careful these days. Not only do we have to be concerned about our physical safety, but now we also have to worry about our digital security. Some people don’t think digital threats are that serious, but they are.

Using Spyware, a person could secretly obtain a significant amount of data from your computer and use that data for their gain. Learning about spyware and other threats to your digital security can help protect you and those you care about.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of program a cyber-criminal can secretly install on your computer. You wouldn’t even know it happened. Then they can use this program to “spy” on your files, download your data and sell your data to a third party without your knowledge or permission.

Spyware can also assist other programs with consistent monitoring of your digital activities so that those who want your data are getting it consistently.

Why is Spyware Problematic for You?

If you think of this process as “out of sight, out of mind, ” consider this:

When you buy something online and you type in your credit card information, that information doesn’t disappear when you confirm your purchase. It gets stored in an encrypted format, which is possible to decrypt.

It’s not just your credit cards. It’s any other information you’ve made available online. All of this data can be exploited and leave you vulnerable.

Best case scenario: Your device slows down, which is mildly annoying.

Worst case scenario: Your money is stolen, and you become a victim of identity theft or identity fraud. This could have significant and long-term conseuencces.


Indications that your computer is infected by a virus

How Spyware Gets on Your Computer

Hiding in a Malicious Link

These malicious links often show up in your email inbox. The email usually contains an unbelievable offer and when you click on it, the spyware is immediately installed on your device. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t take the chance.

Hiding in a Group

A software package, also called bundleware, is a great place for a malicious program to hide. It tags along with a game or app that looks like something you want, but its only purpose is to deliver spyware to your device.

It either sneaks its way in without drawing attention to itself or the program words the Terms & Conditions in such a way that you don’t know that you’re agreeing to download malicious software (if you read them at all.)

Hiding in a Legitimate Program

Sometimes spyware can attach itself to a perfectly normal program. If a website has a weakness, a cyber-criminal can manipulate the weakness and insert spyware without anyone knowing.

What is Spyware Looking For?

The information that is typically involved in one of these extractions can include:

These cyber-attackers are looking for anything that’s important or useful to you. It becomes important and useful to them, if you’re worried about spyware you can contact PC Fixer for Spyware Removal services in Penrith..

How to Tell if your Device is Infected with Spyware

Although spyware is good at being sneaky, sometimes there are signs that can let you know your device might be infected:
  • Your device is notably slower than usual
  • You’re seeing a lot of ads (pop-up ads are especially telling)
  • Your battery is draining faster
  • You notice apps on your device that you’ve never noticed before, particularly ones that look like system apps
If you notice any of these signs, take steps to locate the spyware and remove it right away. The Spyware Removal & Security Services offered by PC Fixer services in Penrith can provide you and your data with reliable protection from spyware and other types of cyber-crime. Contact PC Fixer today by email or call 01768 626626.

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