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We know the pain when your PC breaks down. At PC Fixer our main goal is to focus on your computer repair in Whitehaven. We do our work quickly without compromising the standard of our work.

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PC Repair Whitehaven

PC Fixer provides IT support in your home and local business. We repair laptops, PCs, Chromebooks and macs in Whitehaven. We specialise in troubleshooting problems across most items of technology, from printers to iPads, to phones and computers. We come to you for a low flat rate fee!

Internet and wifi problems

Many internet problems people have are due to fixable things within their own home. If your internet provider sends out an engineer and the problem is in your house they’ll charge you!. The problem can be poor extension wires in the home, or if your wifi is weak it could be fixed by extending your signal across the whole home.

Windows 10

If you are using an old version of Windows, it is vital to upgrade to Windows 10. Fortunately almost all computers capable of running windows 7 or 8 can run Windows 10. But is your Windows 10 updating properly?

Slow Computer

If your computer is bogged down and needing speeded up we can help you. It may be clogged up with junk software with lots of messages, or it might just need an upgrade of the hard drive. A modern “solid state hard drive” can be put in almost any laptop or computer increasing speeds by 400%


Is your anti-virus up to date and working? Does your computer have necessary malware protection? Is your firewall up and running?

Whitehaven Computer Repair

We’re the best at what we do. Our technicians are trained to fix all types of computers and laptops. Whether it’s software or hardware related, our team can handle it all! We offer free diagnostics so you know exactly what your problem is before we begin any repairs. And if you need something fixed fast, we offer same day services as well as next day options too!

You won’t find another company that offers such great rates on quality workmanship as PC Fixer Repair does. Don’t let your computer go without being repaired anymore – give us a call today and see why everyone loves us!

You don’t want to pay more than you need to or get less than you deserve when it comes to repairs of this nature. That’s why we offer competitive rates and only use top-of-the-line parts from trusted manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Toshiba and Asus – just to name a few! If there was ever a time where having an expert by your side would come in handy…it would be now!

Our Numbers

We have been fixing computers in north and west cumbria for almost twenty years and so the numbers speak for themselves

Computers repaired
Windows 10 Upgrades



Depending on your location it is a flat rate. That means it doesn’t matter if we are there for one hour or two hours it’s the same flat amount for our time.

Yes. We always have masks and 70% alcohol wash in the car. Hands are washed before and after every visit.

It depends, sometimes a clean up, and a modern drive can make an older laptop faster than a new one.

Yes, we back up all the bits that are in your profile, such as music, pictures and documents and then put them back in.

Yes windows 7 is no longer supported with security updates, this means that it, and older windows like Vista and XP are unsafe to use on the internet.

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