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What is a Computer Health Check?

We offer you one of the best ways of keeping your laptop working like new. Contact PC Fixer Penrith for PC and laptop health checks.

A Computer Health Check is a procedure of discovering what is the health status of your computers or laptops’. In order to protect your personal and or business information which is saved in your hard drives. It is important to run frequent Computer Health Checks on your devices to examine their well being. 

We at PC Fixer in Penrith, offer a service to comprehensively diagnose and correct the quality of your system to ensure optimum performance of your machine. We perform numerous investigations to ensure your device is virus free and performing as it should be.

Why is a Health Check Necessary?

Over time your computer will experience fatigue and may get infected with malicious viruses which negatively affect its performance. Due to this it may start lagging, have unsolicited pop ups, receiving continuous virus alerts, irregular noises and can’t install programmes or hardware as normal. 

Therefore it is vital that inspections are run regularly. Ideally you should have your device checked by our practitioners at PC Fixer before this happens as we offer regular check ups. Computer Health Check is especially designed to protect your system from the damage prolonged usage can cause.


How is a Computer Health Check Performed?

Based on your computer or laptops hardware, usage, age and health a preliminary inspection may recommend a simple surface check or a deep system inspection.

During a diagnosis our practitioners will connect to your computer or laptop and perform:

Our Computer Health Check Provides Solutions to:

Consequences of not doing a Health Check

There are some consequences of not running computer health check:

All of the above will inevitably destroy your machine if they go on unattended. To avoid losing all your organizations work files and or personal memories stored away in your computer, regular spring cleaning needs to be performed. Worst-case scenario you may need a new device altogether.

PC Health Check
Computer Health Check

Benefits of Computer Health Checks

There are some large benefits of running computer health checks:

Computer Health Check can uncover dormant security mechanisms that are in your organization’s security settings. Any information collected can be used to improve the security of the organization and customized apps can be built to counter any defects.

We offer much-needed support for all perils and impairment that may be caused by various other factors.

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