What to do If Your Computer Starts to Run Slowly


The most simple jobs can start to feel like a real hassle when you have a slow computer. PC Fixer Cumbria has all the advice you need to keep them running smoothly.

First of all, there’s no need to panic. It’s more normal than you think. Chances are you’re probably using a slow desktop or laptop right now unless you just got yourself a brand new computer at some point recently. Everyday tasks such as running programs, slowly filling up the hard drive, or even surfing the internet can make your computer sluggish.

We’re going to be talking about some reasons why your computer might be slowing down and ways that you can fix it and keep up with your needs.

Why is Your Computer Slow?

Along with all of the programs on it, your operating system has to manage other parts of your computer, such as processing power, drive space, and memory. There can be a very large number of things that can be slowing your computer down, but typically it can be narrowed down to its resources being used poorly.


Too Many Browser Tabs or Programs Are Open

When it comes to computers it is very possible to do a million things at once. The processing speed and memory on your computer will prevent the seamless switching from one program to the next, at some point. Also, you will notice a huge difference in performance if you have more than one tab open in your web browser for future reference, especially if any of the open tabs auto-refresh or continue to rotate and download ads.

How Can It Be Fixed? This one is fairly obvious if you can stick with just one tab open if you can and quit or shut down any programs that you aren’t using. If you want to save a few web pages for the future you can use the bookmark option that can be found on all web browsers.


Memory or Hard Drive Could Be At Capacity

Surprisingly, your memory or hard drive performance can begin to suffer long before it is completely full. Your computer productivity can come to a crawl, even at 85% capacity. The main culprits for this are programs, temporary files, internet downloads, and application updates, these can take up memory and hard drive space.

How Can It Be Fixed? Emptying the trash on your computer is the simplest way to start. Then you may want to consider moving any large files you may have to the cloud, or just delete the ones that aren’t being used.


Overloading Your Computer With Unnecessary Software Updates

This can be considered an extension of the previous point, but it deserves an extra explanation. Your hard drive space can be taken up by programs and applications that come pre-installed with activated automatic updates, but the auto-installer turns on it can interfere with the normal functions of your computer.

How Can It Be Fixed? You may want to consider a monitoring and maintenance solution. These keep your computer running 24/7 and handles all patches and updates for you. If you need help with this you can consult with your local computer repair store.


Computer Starts With Too Man Applications That Open Automatically

Many applications are programmed to start automatically when you turn your computer on. If you aren’t aware that these are running then these can be a huge drag on your processing speed when you start it in the morning and through the day.

How Can It Be Fixed? A computer expert can be called to change your computers start-up log since it is a very advanced procedure. They can help your computer devote more speed to the applications that are more important.


When Should You Bring Your Computer In?

These reasons are why you need to bring in your computer when you’re having performance issues. There could be something worse going on, like a virus that is corrupting your system which will require a spyware removal service. If you have a computer that is slowing down, bring it to us and we can take care of it for you. A simple computer health check may resolve the issue for you.

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